The Completely Unofficial Teen Wolf Crossover Blog Network

Hello followers! If you’re not aware of icarlywolf’s page full of other awesome captiony blogs like this one, here is a big green box to let you know that it exists. If you want more of this stuff, please click through and take a look at all the other ones (and maybe follow them too). This page is regularly updated with new blogs or blogs I had no idea existed but now do thanks to you guys. So please check back on this post or the page itself so you can see what’s new! And if you’ve got a blog yourself, let us know about it and we’ll add you to the page.

Just remember that all blogs that are submitted cannot contain reposts of other people’s content. I won’t be upset if you send me one, but I won’t put it on the page either. 

Last Updated: July 28th, 2014

Very important!

First of all, I really appreciate it when you guys send me blogs to check out and add to the blogs page, so thank you for that!

But when you do, please make sure the content on the blog is originally that blog’s. That means the blog’s posts are all made by the person running that blog. I will not consider or link to blogs that repost gifs or photosets from other blogs, nor will I publish asks with their URLs.

I hope you guys can understand why!

Anonymous asked:

i love your blog so much, you are my absolute favorite.


thanks, bespectacled friend!

Oh god. Another one?


Hello, followers of iCarlyWolf!

We’re here to let you know about a Cool New Exciting blog called TeennickWolf. It’s basically everything you love about this blog but with more of your favorite Nick shows. It’s exactly what it sounds like, tbh.

So follow us if you wanna! We’re just starting out and we’d love to see you all (and your suggestions) there. This isn’t gonna affect this blog in any way, it’s just another thing for me to waste time on.

Thanks and keep being awesome!

In case ya didn’t know this was a thing now.

Anonymous asked:

It's orangeisthenewolf


Anonymous asked:

There's another crossover blog and it's oitnb/teen wolf!

can i have the link to that, anony?

or well just the url i guess.